Cancelled 2021 SCUBA Conference

Good afternoon everyone,

It is with great disappointment that I must announce the 2021 SCUBA conference has been cancelled. There were too many unknowns up until the last minute that we had no choice but to cancel. With that being said, we are working with the State DOS codes division to get a list of their trainings through the end of the year. What this means for you…

You must register yourself using the state SLMS system, and then sign in from your home computer within 15 minutes of the start of the class, and continue to watch until the end.

There are course’s already in SLMS so you can get started.

You are responsible for the 24 hours, but remember, you must complete:

Code Enforcement Officials:

The annual In-Service training requirements for CEOs is as follows:

  • 24 hours of In-Service training is required each calendar year (January 1 to December 31).
    • 12 of these hours must be obtained by completing training courses that are approved by the Department of State, Division of Building Standards and Codes (DBSC).  
    • Of the 12 hours of approved courses:
  • A maximum of 12 hours of Professional Development Electives may be applied toward the 24 hours of annual In-Service training.

For more information go to

Be assured we will be working on a 2022 conference.  

Thank you for your understanding, talk with you all soon,

Clayton Bronson

Associate Director State College and University Building Association

Cornell University EHS

395 Pine Tree Rd.

Ithaca NY 14850