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Educational Services - International Code Council (ICC) Certification


ICC Certification

Effective Date: January 1, 2015

The following ICC certifications will be accepted as equivelent to 8 hours of in-service training.

The required in-service training will be credited only for the calendar year in which the certification is obtained.

Periodic Code Update (Advanced in-service) Training is mandatory and cannot be waived.

Upon being notified by the ICC of having successfully completed an examination, the following information and documentation must be submitted to the New York State Department of State BSC Educational Services Unit within 30 days

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number with Area Code
  • New York State Training ID Number
  • FDID/Municipal Code Number (if available)
  • ICC Certificate/Notification

Certified Code Safety Professional Exam Categories
for National Certification in the ICC Codes
Category Exam Title
Green Building Green Building - Residential Examiner - G1
Residential Inspector Residential Building Inspector - B1
Residential Electrical Inspector - E1
Residential Mechanical Inspector - M1
Residential Plumbing Inspector - P1
Commercial Inspector Commercial Building Inspector - B2
Commercial Electrical Inspector - E2
Commercial Mechanical Inspector - M2
Commercial Plumbing Inspector - P2
Plans Examiner Building Plans Examiner - B3
Electrical Plans Examiner - E3
Mechanical Plans Examiner - M3
Plumbing Plans Examiner - P3
Residential Plans Examiner - R3
Energy Conservation Commercial Energy Inspector - 77
Commercial Energy Plans Examiner - 78
Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner - 79
Fire Fire Inspector I - 66
Fire Inspector II - 67
Fire Plans Examiner - F3
Code Enforcement Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner - 21
Coastal and Floodplain Construction Inspector - C1
Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector - 64
Special Inspector Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector - 47
Structural Masonry Special Inspector - 84
Spray-applied Fireproofing Special Inspector - 86
Prestressed Concrete Special Inspector - 92
Soils Special Inspector - EC
Structural Steel and Bolting Special Inspector - S1
Structural Welding Special Inspector - S2